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02. Creating Homepage

Step 1: Add new page

  1. Go to: Pages → Add New.
  2. Now you are on new page screen. Add title of your Homepage. 
  3. ###listrong###HomePage templates ( Homepage Layout 1, Homepage Layout 2, Homepage Layout 3 ). Select any of them.
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Step 2: How to add Homepage or simple pages background

When add/edit page, you can set page background in Page Options. There are two type of page backgrounds

  1. Background Image
  2. Backgroung Color
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Step 3: Front Page Displays

Now you have to tell WordPress wich page is your site homepage.

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  1. Navigate to: Settings → Reading. 
  2. In a "Front Page Displays" select "A static page (select below)"
  3. In a "Front page:" dropdown select your "Homepage" page.
  4. Homepage created :).