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02. Creating Homepage

Step 1: Add new page

  1. Go to: Pages → Add New.
  2. Now you are on new page screen. Add title of your Homepage. 
  3. Next, on the right side of the screen select Page Composer template. See screenshot below!

add image

Step 2: Page Composer

add image

After choosing Page Composer template, we will ses page builder appear. You can create page using different section. For adding new section please click on Add Sections button.

Step 4: Front Page Displays

Now you have to tell WordPress wich page is your site homepage.

add image

  1. Navigate to: Settings → Reading. 
  2. In a "Front Page Displays" select "A static page (select below)"
  3. In a "Front page:" dropdown select your "Homepage" page.
  4. Homepage created :).